Rozaline North (north) wrote,
Rozaline North

What a great day I had!!!

I went everywhere today! I had a great day. First this morning I went to synagogue with friends. And there was someone standing up on the little potium singing the prayers, and he had the most beautiful voice i think i have ever heard. It was so religious sounding, and so Israeli, and it was wonderful.

I dont go to synagogue too much, just because... well, for a lot of reasons actually. Mostly cause I feel amazingly uncomfortable there, like I'm not aloud to go since I'm not Jewish enough. But today, since that Rabbi was there, singing so beautifully, it made my day wonderful. And I finally had something worth while to pray about, just because great things have been happening to me, and also because I was sick, and now I'm all better, and so I wanted to go and say thank you.

I try not to be blinded by god, because I think believing in god is a good thing, but that if it starts to control your life that its really just a waste of time. Cause in my eyes, god is something thats there to make your life better, and happier, but if it ends up ruining your life than its not worth it.

I know religion is one of the most debated and controversial things to talk about, so I hope that no one who has read this is offended in any way. In all honesty, I am not anti- any religion at all. So, either if "the readers out there in cyber space" are Christian or Buddhist or anything else, please dont think that I am trying to say that my religion is better than yours. I hate when people do that, cause I dont think religion should be about competing.. even though a lot of people turn religion into that. i heard someone on tv say this... i think it was Bono from U2... he said "religion is just a club" or at least something to that extent... and I think that is so incredibly true... just thought I should get a Bono quote in there... for nick A. at least if he has been reading lately. =)

But.... hmm, what else to write about..... well after synogogue, me and my friends met at the mall.... the best hang out in the world (and yes that is sarcasm) and we went all over the place. We went to an ice cream store where the people make their own homemade ice cream!!!! And it was delicious!!!! And then we went to the pet store and played with all the puppies and the kitties... and there was one puppy in particular that I am absolutely in love with! I already named him and everything, even though I will never have him. I named him Sprocket.... from the puppet dog off of Fraggle Rock.. the best tv show ever. And this puppy was so incredibly adorable... I wish I could have him....

Well anyways... enough of my misery... then we walked over to Toys R' Us.. and we played on the bikes and rode around for nearly two hours.. maybe it was even more than that! It was so fun, cause I have never actually stayed in that store for longer than necessary.

It was so fun today, one of the best days in a long while. But its almost 12:30... and a friend is supposed to call, so I suppose that I need to go. I'll write again later.

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