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Oliver brushed up against my shoulder and sort of made one of those whirring sounds, as if he was trying to tell me something. He put his paw on my arm and let his claws come out a little so that they made faint scratching noises against my sweater. The doorbell rang, it frightened me, seeing as how no one ever rang the bell when they stopped by my apartment. I got up from my desk and maneuvered myself around a few boxes and tables and various other things, and I got to the door and opened it up a little and peered around to the other side. (One could never be too careful in these types of situations.) But it turned out to only be Matthew, my clumsy neighbor. He lived one floor down from me, and he tended to come up and see me every now and then. He had the cutest little English accent. The kind that the little kids in English movies always have. He liked the tea I bought, and I expected that I would have to make some for him. Of course he never went out to buy himself a package.
The Cubs are up. Six to one. He said without a hello or how are you?.
Well, that's good to know Matt, He walked into the kitchen and I followed him, right to the Earl Gray Tea. Could I interest you in a cup of tea? I asked, already knowing the answer.
Uh... yeah sure, why not. He said.
I got out the tea and boiled some water for the both of us, and as the kettle whistled, Oliver jumped down from the cabinet he had been on, and ran into the other room. What a scaredie-cat he was.
So, what have you been up to Matt? Besides the Cubs being up six to one and ringing the bell instead of knocking I mean.
Oh, um, just puddering around the building like I usually do. Looking for spare change on the floors, talking to Mrs. Hanover from 9B. Did you know she already had that gallbladder operation?
No... I wasnt aware of that, Matt, just to inform you, was the type of person who cared about everyone. When he mentioned that to me, about Mrs. Hanover and her gallbladder being removed, Im sure he really did care to know that she was alright, and he wanted to make sure that I knew that she was alright as well, or else he wouldnt have mentioned it to me. He was fun and a wonderful person, but sometimes his caring about everyone got in the way of his wonderful personality, and it was times like these that I honestly couldnt stand to be around him. Well Matt, I would love to stay and chat with you, but I was just on my way out for some coffee, and to meet my friend at the Flying Eagle.
Oh, ya mean the little book store around the corner?
Yes, the little book store around the corner.
Oh, well alright, he got up from the counter where he had been sitting, and left for the front door, still carrying my coffee mug filled to the top with tea. But you give me a ring when you get back.
Ok, Ill be sure to do that. Enjoy the rest of the tea. He sort of tipped his cup in my general direction and nodded his head, and turned to close the door behind him. Now I didnt have any other choice but to go to The Flying Eagle, so I got my scarf from the sofa, and took my hat in my hands and locked the door behind me and left.
The wind was ice cold, and by the time I was just about to get to the doors of the book store, I could barely feel my face. I reached the coffee shop just in time for the six oclock special. The perfect time to get cheap coffee. Of course they pick the time for this little bonus at six oclock because they somehow figure out that six oclock is when they have the lightest business, so they cant loose too much money by making the coffee cheaper. Which is smart for them, but to the consumers things like that always seem sneaky before theyre thought of as being smart.
I took off my hat and my scarf before I walked up to the counter to place my order. I decided to get a mochachino, since thats what the cash register boy suggested. It must have been his first day working there because he was sort of shaking and mumbling when he asked, Can I take your order? or Can I help you? or one of those phrases that Im sure the manager told him to say.
After I got my mochachino he said, Have a nice day maam. Now that phrase I remembered. I absolutely hate it when people in stores or the like refer to me as maam. It makes me feel so incredibly old, and I dont think that I should feel that old at twenty five. I had been planning to give the kid a big tip so he could start his job out with some decent money, but after that I decided only to leave him a dollar.
As I placed the dollar in his little jar marked Tips he said, Oh, thank you maam. And I sort of flinched a little and then I finally said, Sure, but my name is Judy. Call me that next time. He looked kind of scared, so I smiled and he did too. He stuck out his hand and said a little hesitantly, Oh, well its nice to meet you Judy. Im Arthur. I shook his hand and said something to the affect of Well nice to meet you. Ill see you next time. And then he withdrew his hand and grinned.
I walked out of the Flying Eagle then, and went down to this newsstand that was around the corner. My friend George worked there most days, and I could usually get a magazine or newspaper from him for free.
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your attention to detail is remarkable. the way you carefully examine the smallest detail is reminiscent of a friend of mine. i'd like to know more about what happens in the life of Judy.

james chapmansworth



November 20 2000, 17:43:49 UTC 17 years ago

You finally wrote in your live journal! yay! I am so happy! I almost gave up in ever checking yours again. I am glad I did. write in this more often. Your story was great. I want to hear more about Judy as well.