Rozaline North (north) wrote,
Rozaline North

Gosh, I'm Bored

Today was my first day in quite awhile it seems, where I havent gone to work. I had forgotten how slowly the day passes by when you dont have a car to drive in or when you have absolutley nothing to do.

I need to make a Transformers t-shirt for the show tomorrow... and really tomorrow is all I have to look forward to, as far as doing anything with friends goes. The party at Tyler's is tomorrow, and it'll give me a chance to see everyone before school starts again. Although most of the people who will be there are going to my school anyways.

I was talking with this girl a little whole ago, and telling her about how I met Justin Sane at The Warped Tour. And the first thing that came out of her mouth concerning me meeting the lead singer of Anti-Flag was, "Is he hot?" AAARRGGGHHH. I thought i was gonna kill her after she said that. Shes not a really shallow person either, but thats the first thing she asked me about him. Not "Was he nice?".... or "What did you talk to him about?" or anything like that. But she just had to ask "Was he hot?" I guess it made me so mad just because to me Justin Sane seems like such a neat person that its like an insult to ask that about him or something. Oh well. I wasnt talking with her too long after that, and I guess she can be okay sometimes, just as long as we arent having a huge girl-talk and giggling about all the boys we like or something lame like that.

School starts soon, and I havent decided if I'm happy or not about that yet. I havent done much on my summer reading... and I think I'm going to die if I have to get up at 6 o'clock in the morning next week. I'm going to have to take the bus to and from school again this year, and I am hoping that I'll find someone who will be willing to at least take me home in the afternoons every once in awhile. I am really looking forward to going to the beach to see the meteor shower on the twelfth. I'll probably end up staying up for that whole day, and I am so excited about it.

Well, I guess thats all for today. I'll write again, sometime soon I guess.

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