Rozaline North (north) wrote,
Rozaline North

In a better mood than last time

Well, its early this morning, at least early for me that is. I just woke up after four different people called me, and the fourth one of them finally woke me up. Friends came over last night and left early on into the morning, and they made me smile, and I was glad they came over cause I needed to feel better.

I find myself smiling a lot more now that I know these new people and I couldnt be more happy to feel like I have some true friends. Right now its my older friends, the ones that I've known my whole life that are causing me a lot of stress... one in particular... treats people so awful, and couldnt be more insensitive to their feelings. And so I have to go on smiling to her over the phone, and trying to remind myself why I like her as a person in the first place. And I think that if I have to do that... remind myself why I like her, then that means that something's gotta be wrong, and that maybe she just isnt the right person to be friends with. So, after writing this down I guess I have come to the conclusion, finally, that I just wont talk to her, unless she starts talking to me first... maybe that will show her that I am not this poor little girl that sits around begging my friends to pay attention to me and all that other stuff that she probably thinks about me.

Well.... what else should I write about? Ah yes, well I start work next Tuesday, and then I am going to Warped Tour in Jacksonville that Thursday night to see the concert on Friday morning and then a few days after I get back from the concert my brother and his kids are coming to visit. I am so excited about all of those things. Goodness, I mean, I will finally have some money from my job, and it seems like it'll be easy money since all I have to do is answer phones for two weeks, and I have great hours, and my neices and nephews are so much fun, and I am so glad that all these nice things are happening still. I say "still" just because usually things tend to die down towards the end of the summer time, but I guess thats not the case with my summer this year.

This has been the best summer for me ever, and all my friends have been saying the same thing, and that seems to make it feel even better, just because I know that things are going just as good for everyone else as they are for me. So, I suppose thats it for now. I'll probably write here later.

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