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Rozaline North


Well, hi everyone. Welcome to my pathetic life.
I guess I chose to start this whole journal thing today because I am deathly sick with some strange virus that will probably pass in a few days. I'm bored with nothing to do, I came on this site and started this journal for the world to see.

So, what to say what to say... I feel really shitty today, and I have never been so bored. I was watching the prevue channel a few minutes ago like i always do looking for something decent to watch, and I kept on seeing these comercials for that TV show that everyone keeps talking about.... mostly making fun of, but none the less, they wont shut up about this idiotic TV show called Survivor I think, or something to that effect anyways. (My apologies go out to all those Survivor fans out there, but you were the one who decided to read this crap in the first place). I dont know too much about the show and how it really works, but from what I understand, they stuck a bunch of obviously stupid people out on some island and then when the people get sick of a fellow survivor member, they vote him or her off of the island, therefore making him or her disqualified to win the 1 million dollar prize given to the last surviving member. I think that is the sickest and saddest thing I have ever heard. It just shows how awful people are today. How they will do absolutely anything and everything for money. People, namely parents are always saying how awful people are today and how corrupt they are and blah blah blah, but here on this show are yet more adults risking their lives and probably their sanity all for 1 million dollars. And even if they did win the money, they would probably be happy for about a month, and then all the annoying things about being rich will start to kick in and then they'll be seventy two, all alone in their little mansion, and they'll be killed by some inconspicuous younger relative, who will only follow in thier footsteps fourty more years down the road. But whatever, I am probably going on and on about this, but it has proven to me, personally, how sick and twisted the human race can be, and I feel the need to publicize that.

On a happier note, my father is now in the living room, watching Murder She Wrote, and I think I am going to go join him and watch it... or else go in my room and watch it alone.

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