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We're One But We're Not the Same...

Why is it that people always have to compare you to your friends? It seems like people are always thinking.... "well, her friend is better, so we'll be friends with that other person instead of her." And then that first person is just left alone, feeling hurt and worthless. Right now, I hate everyone. Nothing can make me feel better. Cause I'm always the one that gets ignored, the one that softly fades away into the background, to be forgotten about. The one who doesnt matter. I cant stand feeling this way, cause I dont think I have done anything bad enough to deserve this. I wonder if that person even realizes what they've done to me, and how they've made me feel. They probably have no clue... which only makes everything worse. Cause, of course, I'm too scared to say anything. Me, the person who is supposed to be able to express my emotions easily. Well, maybe on paper, or in my mind, but I just cant bare to start an argument about something like this, cause I feel like an idiot for feeling this way. I dont know what to do about this, and I am sure that I will ignore my feelings like always, and try to look at the bright side of it all, and pretend that the bad things arent here anymore.

"Its too late tonight to drag the past out into the night we're one but were not the same we get to carry each other, carry each other... one... did i ask too much more than a lot you gave me nothing now its all i got. we're one but we're not the same, well we hurt each other then we do it again."

Hopefully, this is all in my mind, and it'll all just go away once the weekend is over. I'll have even more to worry about, with the beginning of school, and maybe that'll take my mind off these hurtful feelings, and I will be stressed out rather than upset at a friend.

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