Rozaline North (north) wrote,
Rozaline North

After Warped Tour

Well... I just got back from Warped Tour today. I have to say that it was definitely the best thing that I've done all summer. I met Justin Sane, the lead singer from Anti-Flag, and got his autograph. He was so nice! Anti-Flag was probably the best band there... in my opinion. Green Day was disappointing... there were just too many people, and I was smushed up next to a whole family full of rednecks... hence why I wasnt too happy while trying to listen to Green Day. I saw a little bit of Mxpx... and I saw The Hippos play. They are a ska band that I had never heard of until the concert. They were pretty good though... and I met their trumpet player. He was... interesting. I also met Tim Armstrong from Rancid.. although I wouldnt have known it was him if the friends I was with hadnt said anything about it being him. He seemed really nice, and his girlfriend... or maybe his wife... was there with him too. She was really nice too, and my friend got a picture with them. It was all very exciting. Its nice to know that some people who are famous dont act like they know it. They seemed like regular people that you could meet somewhere downtown, or anywhere else for that matter. And it makes things more bareable in some way. I had a great time after the concert too, when I spent the time with friends at the pool and on the beach later that night. It was a great weekend... something I dont think I'll be forgetting anytime too soon.

Aside from that... I have to go to work tomorrow... whoop dee doo. Then a friend of mine is spending the night after I get off of work. My friends' band might be playing at a house somewhere tomorrow night also, so I hope that works out so I can go somewhere and see all my other friends too.

Well, I guess thats about it for now. I'll be back later on this week hopefully to update a little more. Until then...

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